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Monday, April 25, 2011


It is important to always put your best foot forward when it comes to customer service.  I believe the little things make a big impact.  After I printed my first order I ironed each shirt and folded them nice and neat before delivering them to the client.  Putting forth a little extra effect gives a good impression of your company and it shows your customers that you appreciate their business.

My biggest order so far was 40 shirts which did not take long to fold.  But when I start getting 100 or 200 shirt orders coming in it will take me some time to hand fold them all.  That is where a "T-SHIRT FOLDING BOARD" comes in handy.  They are nifty little gadgets and will work for any size shirt.  You can buy one online for $20 but I always like to find cheaper ways to do things.

I found a plan to make one online but it used foam and I did not think foam would last very long.  I guess that is why their cost to make it was $2.  I had recently purchased a 2' x 4' piece of pegboard for another project and I thought it would work great for a folding board so I went back to Lowe's and bought another one. (Total cost with tax was $5.85)   It only took 20 minutes to make the folding board and it works GREAT!!  I may even use it to fold my own clothes.  :)

Here is a video on how to build your t-shirt folding board!  Enjoy!

If you are not up to building one you can get one on ebay or search the web!  :)

As always, thanks for watching my videos and following my blog!


  1. Hello Jeanette. Bob again from Empowered Apparel. Thank you for the great idea! I made a similiar shirt folding device out of a recycled card board box then covered both sides with duct tape for more durability. Your idea using peg board is inexpensive, and even better as the holes would allow better air flow. When I read your blogs, I find it amusing how some of your experiences mimic mine. You are welcome to provide some contact info on my website's guestbook, as I would be happy to provide some suggestions, recommendations or resolutions derived from my experiences for some of the problems you have discussed in your past blog posts, as my appreciation for the wealth of information you so kindly share.

  2. I absolutely love tshirts..Its a fun way to make our own tshirts..Thanks for sharing...I had a great idea.Keep up your work..

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  3. I liked this cause i seen Sheldon @ #thebigbangtheory using one!!! Soooo cool!!!